Promotional Materials:

In regards to the photoshoot in which the pictures depicted on our website were captured, MINED worked rigorously to ensure all California COVID-19 Guidelines and Procedures were followed.


All employees involved were required to wear CDC approved masks, remain six feet apart, and were screened for appropriate temperatures prior to the photoshoot. Hand sanitizer was provided to all employees. If any employees were showing known symptoms of COVID-19, they were mandated to avoid the event. Additionally, MINED ensured that only small groups of people were allowed to model together (ie. siblings, couples, roommates) in order to significantly reduce the risk of transmission.


These pictures were taken completely outdoors, with a vast distance between our team and unrelated groups. Models were only allowed to remove masks for photos when there was a large distance between themselves and any other person. All photographers, behind the scenes employees, and “off-duty” models wore masks during the entire event.

Workplace Procedures:

As for our workforce, everyone is advised to work from home and if they desire to come to their designated work area such guidelines are enacted:


  • A proper face mask

    • If in any case, our employees do not possess a face mask, one will be provided; however, it is encouraged that all employees bring their own facial coverings.​

  • There will be a minimum of 6 feet between each work area and between all employees.

  • Mandatory Covid-19 temperature screening is given when entering the office.

    • A self-screening survey is sent to our employees to fill out before arriving to work.​

  • Distribution and use of sanitation equipment throughout work hours.

  • Sterilization of all areas using proper sanitization equipment.

At MINED, we prioritize the health of our employees and all other members of our society. As a company, we will continue to monitor COVID-19 updates given by our local, state, and federal governments; and will continue to adjust our proceedings with all guidelines in mind.